Research & Development

A Focus On Research

CHT Medical is dedicated to supporting scientific and clinical research that aligns with the mission of the company, expands current knowledge regarding medical cannabis and its clinical applications, and enables the expanded use of medical cannabis in appropriate patients for unmet medical needs. We also encourage and support independent research in these areas. CHT Medical allocates a defined percentage of our gross revenues for significant research and development efforts to advance our products, develop the next generation of medical cannabis products, and support the evidence-based use of these important therapeutic agents. CHT Medical is committed to supporting medical researchers and the State of Florida in their efforts to collect data and conduct research on the safety and efficacy of low-THC and medical cannabis products in patients. We believe that funding medical cannabis research will expand understanding of these new therapeutic agents, further the development of effective treatments for a wide range of medical conditions, and enable better patient outcomes

CHT Medical Research Agenda

Our research is focused on three key areas:

  • Agricultural Research

    • Breeding new genetic cultivars (also known as strains) with targeted combinations of active compounds

    • Optimizing plant propagation techniques and healthy growing strategies

  • Product Research and Development

    • Rigorous testing of novel delivery systems and new products

    • Documenting the pharmacology of key active compounds and our products

    • Efficiently manufacturing products with known identity, potency, purity, and quality

    • Developing safer, more effective, more reliable products

  • Scientific and Clinical Research of Medical Cannabis for Targeted Medical Conditions

Research Partners

CHT Medical anticipates research collaborations with key research organizations throughout the State of Florida. It is our intent to support and facilitate meaningful research and to create research collaborations that help establish the State of Florida, medical and agricultural research institutions in Florida, and CHT Medical as leaders in the rapidly emerging science of medical cannabis.

If you are interested in partnership or research opportunities, please contact us.